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When some types of asbestos are removed, usually Asbestos Insulation Board (AIB), insulation and sprayed coatings, an analyst then has to be appointed to carry out a four-stage clearance to be able to provide a certificate of re-occupation. This is secondary assurance that we have removed or encapsulated the asbestos completely and cleaned the area of work so thoroughly that we have removed the airborne concentration of fibres below the safe limits set out.
Asbestos analysts are arranged by us unless the client has their own in place - they are independent and employed by TES Environmental Services Ltd. They work with their own procedures as to ensure that when they say the area is clear, it is exactly that. They also hold their own licence that can be taken away as easily as ours.
Analysts can be arranged by client request even if they are not required by legislation and this can be negotiated at the planning stage of the contract.
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