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The removal or encapsulation of asbestos is not the only thing we need to consider. Personal decontamination of our staff is also a primary concern. How we remove fibres for an operative so he can leave his work environment is dependent on what asbestos he is working with and more importantly the layout of the building that is to be worked on. In an ideal environment we will have a shower system incorporated within the work area, but ideal environments are few and far between.
Working in people’s houses and blocks of flats with shared access is an obvious obstacle. In this case the self-contained shower unit may be 100 yards away on the roadside. We have procedures in place so that none of our staff will be walking around your homes or offices with asbestos fibres on their overalls and, as for all our work, your safety is our primary concern.
Stage One
Once the shift or job is complete the operative will vac himself down for any fibres that have clung to his red coveralls
Stage Two
Red coveralls are removed as well as wellington boots which were used for removal works and masks are wiped down with clean water. The mask is not removed.
Stage Three
Clean blue coveralls and white transit shoes are then put on ready to leave the work area.
Stage Four
Operative leaves work area and transits to the "dirty area" of the decontamination unit.
Stage Five
The operative removes his clean blue coveralls and white transit shoes. He enters the shower and wets himself down completely. It is at this stage that he will eventually remove his mask and properly decontaminate before dressing and leaving through the "clean end".
We have a thorough decontamination process.
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