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Asbestos within your building

Most factories and industrial units built prior to 1999 will have asbestos in. Asbestos removal may have been carried out before, but as the standards have changed, it may not have been removed correctly meaning the asbestos problem could still be there, but in a more dangerous form of debris.
The most common problem in old factories is that the asbestos will have been there so long that no-one presently employed is aware it is there. The first duty of the owner of the premises is to have an asbestos survey carried out to identify the asbestos in the building and whether it is in a safe state and not posing a risk to your staff.
In some instances it is just too expensive to remove the asbestos and so encapsulation is the option. The duty of the premise holder is to manage the asbestos within the building to ensure that it is in a good condition. Everyone should be aware of the problem so they do not damage the material and put themselves and their co-workers at harm. In some cases the asbestos will have to be removed and TES Environmental Services Ltd will advise you on what to prioritise in your removal plans.
In most cases, TES Environmental Services Ltd will be able to work around your staff and schedule,
causing minimal disruption to ensure a speedy and effective solution to your asbestos problem.
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