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Up until 1984 many types of textured coatings, including Artexmay have had asbestos mixed in with it; and depending on stocks it could well have been applied much later than this date.
Asbestos was not fully banned in the UK until 1999. So, as there were no strict regulations at the time, the chance of asbestos being found in the material is high and should not be ignored. There is no physical way to know by using the human eye, so a sample of the material needs to be taken to analyse the content under a microscope to prove whether it does or does not contain deadly, asbestos fibres.
If it does, we can arrange for the safe removal of the Artex either by applying gels or stripping agents and scraping the concrete or removing the plasterboard. TES Environmental Services Ltd will ensure this removal is conducted under full enclosure to eliminate the spread of asbestos fibres within your home.
If you think the Aertex in your home could contain asbestos,
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